The Kobe Osaka Karate Club had its beginnings in Glasgow in 1963 and is thus the oldest established karate club in Scotland today

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Adult Classes

Senior Level (16 years & over)

Classes are open to all ages and levels from beginners to advanced. Karate can be taken up at any age and remember; no one is born with a black belt round their middle we all started as beginners. You will find yourself made welcome and assisted by our friendly instructors and club members.

What are the likely benefits to be gained from Karate training?

Physical training enhances strength, coordination, stamina, balance and flexibility. What's more, you are learning to defend yourself whilst you exercise!

With the confidence, speed and power developed through Karate training, you learn how to defend yourself should the need ever arise.

Self Confidence
This does not come naturally for many people, but self-confidence can be developed over a period of time. Karate can help you accomplish new goals as your confidence levels increase.

Quality of Life
Exercise is good for you. A healthylife style together with a toned and flexible physique can be attained with a bit of effort the benefits of which can place you in good stead throughout your life. Give it a go, we'll even give you your first lesson free. There is notyhing to lose and everything to gain. Call us now.


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