The Kobe Osaka Karate Club had its beginnings in Glasgow in 1963 and is thus the oldest established karate club in Scotland today

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5th Dan

John started his training in his twenties. He is the one of the longest serving members of Kobe-Osaka and joined us in 1979. He started competing in the 80s where his interest was mainly in full contact and kick boxing.
John has trained in other styles of Karate, as well as Kung-Fu and Ju-Jitsu in which he is also a black belt. John is known for his personal strengh and self defence techniques.

John holds a recognised 5th Dan with Kobe Osaka International and ratified by the Scottish Karate Governing body. John has attended a number of sports courses on anatomy, physiology, psychology, biomechanics, nutrition and state exercise procedures as well as the Sports UK Courses coaching courses laid out by the SKGB. In addition he is a First Aider, fully qualified Karate instructor with Kobe Osaka International, has considerable international experience and is coach approved by the Scottish Karate Governing Body. He is qualified in Sports Massage. He has assisted Tommy Morris on numerous national and international courses at home and abroad. He has attended the Refereeing and Coaching Courses organised by the Scottish Karate Governing Body and is a Level 2 Coach. He holds Kobe Osaka International Instructor, Referee and Kata Judge qualifications. In 1995 John qualified as an SKGB referee, he has refereed at many Scottish and international Championships.

He is the Child Protection Officer for Kobe Osaka Scotland.





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