The Kobe Osaka Karate Club had its beginnings in Glasgow in 1963 and is thus the oldest established karate club in Scotland today

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Peewee Ninja Programme

The Peewee Ninja programme specifies certain drills in order to fully develop your child's skills. These skills are designed as games so that your Peewee Ninja has fun and learns the Peewee Ninja Skills without even realising it. The programme has been designed to give the Peewee Ninja a greater challenge with each level. The skills acquired compose of physical and mental benefits.
The following are some of the skills and the benefits which may be obtained from participating in the Peewee Ninja class.

This will help your child's listening skills and reaction skills. They will excel faster in many kinds of physical activity.

Having control means making good decisions that he or she will learn to make. Control builds confidence.

This skill is crucial to develop at an early age. Your child is beginning to participate in many physical activities that are challenging, like riding a two-wheel bicycle. Your child will develop good balance and a better posture.

Developing a good memory is exercise for your child's brain. The sooner your child exercises, the smarter he or she will become. Our drills are constantly helping your child think and make smart decisions.

Our instructors use the Peewee Ninja drills to help create the vision that discipline is fun and rewarding. Your child will take pride in doing the right thing. Your child will also follow directions better.

It is important for children to understand the importance of being healthy and physically fit. If your child does not burn off excess energy exercising, how will he or she burn off all of that energy?

Your child will learn left from right. They will become better physical participants in sports and activities. The better co-ordination your child has, the fewer injuries your child will sustain.

Our Classes
In our Peewee Ninja classes, we make learning fun and educational. Our goal is to help your children be the best they can be at everything they put their minds to. Children learn more by play, and in your child's eyes, the drills they are taught are more like games. The games will help your child retain more and be more willing to learn and do things he or she normally wouldn't enjoy doing. Upon completion of the programme your child will become more focused and motivated to achieve any goal they are set in life!

To the Peewee Ninja
Ensure that you train regularly and you will gain more confidence and become more prepared for each challenge. When you are confident that you have learnt the tab or belt requirements then you are ready to grade. Once you have achieved 3 or 4 tabs on your belt you will be able to sit your next grading for your new belt. After you become a Peewee Ninja Black Belt or turn the age of 8 years old you will begin a new journey as a Junior Warrior. Each Peewee Ninja brown to black belt will automatically qualify for a Junior Warrior Orange Belt and those who have made exceptional progress will be rewarded with higher belts. Focus on enjoying this journey to each new belt and you will progress with great success.


Thanks to Marco Mazzanti of Kimekai Australia for his kind permission to publish his material.




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