The Kobe Osaka Karate Club had its beginnings in Glasgow in 1963 and is thus the oldest established karate club in Scotland today

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2016 Kobe Osaka Scotland Championships results and photos on the news page

Kobe Osaka Scotland Objectives

  • To help its membership enjoy quality of life through the practice of karate-do.
  • To help promote health, fitness, concentration, confidence and personal security.
  • To spread the practice and enjoyment of karate-do through training, social interaction, sport and friendship amongst people of all age groups regardless of race, creed or religion.
  • To provide a safe training environment by maintaining membership of Kobe Osaka International (KOI) and the requirements of the Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB)

The Clubs and Instructors within Kobe Osaka Scotland teach Shukokai/Shitoryu Karate-Do both as an effective self-defence system and a fast exciting sport. We offer classes for beginners of all age groups young and old, as well as for those who may already have experience of other karate clubs or styles or other martial arts.




It is easy to join us, simply click on the link to find clubs and classes in your area and then call the contact number to arrange your free, no obligation, lesson.



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