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The great Kobe Osaka

The Kobe Osaka, which I had the privilege of training with, has a unique range of qualities not found elsewhere. There are some things which you can’t explain, and have to experience. I have trained with very good Wado and Shotokan clubs and neither come close to the great martial arts of Tommy Morris’s Kobe… Read more “The great Kobe Osaka”


Mini Thunderbolt Classes

My two year old absolutely loves being a Mini Thunderbolt. This class is delivered at exactly the right level for 2-4 year olds. It has helped her to develop co-ordination and all-important listening skills, and holds her attention for the entire 30 minute class which is down to the engaging instructor Paul, as well as… Read more “Mini Thunderbolt Classes”


First rate club!

The Kobe Osaka is by far the best martial arts club I’ve trained with, and I’ve been to several. It’s friendly, the instructors really know their stuff, and the classes are varied. The number of classes on offer gives me the flexibility to fit training around other commitments. The facilities are also excellent, with parking… Read more “First rate club!”


Over 50s

As an older student returning to karate after several years away, I am thrilled to find a class for the over 50s. There are even comfy mats! I’m really enjoying getting fit again and I’m learning lots from Steven and Paul who are both very knowledgeable instructors. I look forward to the classes.



I decided to enrol my son into karate to help boost his confidence and self esteem. He had been getting bullied at school, but since going to karate and learning about self defence, he has put all that he has learned into practice and, much to our amazement, its kept the bullies at bay. We… Read more “Bullying”


5 Star Club

Kobe Osaka is one of the best karate clubs in Scotland. The instructors are both professional and friendly and they are always happy to help. Not only do they teach Karate, they also teach Ju Jitsu as well as weapons.