Our Annual Course and Grading was held at Grangemouth Sports Complex on Saturday 18th May. The course was a big turn out and was taught by Sensei’s Steven Morris 8th Dan and Paul Lapsley 6th Dan.

In the morning the Peewee’s did their grading first and then it was all Junior up to brown belt +3 was in the afternoon, where everyone passed and the part of the day a big congratulations to –

Jessica Bayley, Chrystel Retson and Adam Drummond in passing their Junior Shodan-Ho (Black belt).

Coby Taylor in passing his Junior Shodan (1st Dan).

Jim Frater, Ethan Findlay and Grant Murray in passing their Senior Shodan-Ho.

Gordon Duncan in passing his Shodan.

Bethany Scott and Dylan Roodt in passing their Nidan.

Milos Hadzic and Graham Austen in passing their Yondan.