Mini Thunderbolts is a programme aimed for the 2-4 yrs age group. Designed to help develop motor and social skills in young children. The class focuses on basic skills development using Karate concepts and a game sense approach. Our programme is a fun and effective way to give young children an excellent physical and mental foundation.

Benefits in joining Mini Thunderbolts-

As the young child is still developing, our programme will help with improved physical development and improved fitness enhancing their health and well being. Our programme will help improve skills such as balance, flexibility, hand, eye & foot coordination. Your child will also gain confidence, meet new friends in a happy, fun and safe environment.

The class is 30 minutes long in a matted area, led by experienced Karate instructors.

Classes will be on Thursdays at 4pm and Saturdays from 9am.

Starting from Thursday 20th October

What happens when they turn 4-

Now you have turned 4, like at school, you progress on a new journey from nursery to primary school. Here you will progress from our Mini Thunderbolts to your next stage of your journey to our Peewee Ninja programme.