Kobe Osaka Scotland

Professional martial arts and self-defence instruction for all ages. Established in 1963, the Kobe Osaka is the oldest karate club in Scotland. For more information, please pop into our dojo or click the link below.

Kobe Osaka Scotland

We offer various classes at our permanent, matted dojo in Falkirk. See our class timetable or find a class in your area. Pop in to speak to one of our experienced staff or click the link below.

We teach a modern, dynamic style of karate called Shukokai. Based on traditional Shito Ryu, Shukokai is an effective and practical martial art that teaches students how to defend and attack with devastating power, speed and accuracy. Alongside Shukokai, we teach Ju-jitsu which uses locks, holds, throws and targeted strikes to defend against attacks. We teach an effective, modern form of Ju-jitsu, suitable for various self-defence situations. We also offer tuition in weapons, including tonfa, nunchaks, bo staff and knife. And, if improving your fitness is your goal, we can offer fun, instructor-led workouts designed to build strength, power and endurance. We offer discounts to Shipshape gym members so why not combine a fitness class with a session in the gym? 

Our classes are taught by professional instructors in a safe, controlled environment. Classes are adapted for different ages and abilities. There are 3 main programmes, depending upon the age of the student:

Mini Thunderbolts

Mini Thunderbolts is a programme aimed for the 2-4 yrs age group. Designed to help develop motor and social skills in young children. The class focuses on basic skills development using Karate concepts and a game sense approach. Our programme is a fun and effective way to give young children an excellent physical and mental foundation.

Peewee Ninja's

Designed specifically for young children, this program develops confidence, motor, social and concentration skills. Students learn basic skills and gain confidence in a safe, fun environment.

Junior Warriors

Designed to develop confidence, motor and social skills, students develop their techniques, increase their impact and stamina, and learn control.


You’ll develop your skills and improve your physical fitness, in a culture which fosters confidence, determination and perseverance. As you progress through the belts and your power, speed and accuracy develop, we’ll help you perfect your techniques and expand your knowledge. The program blends traditional Shukokai karate with the most effective methods from other disciplines.


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